A Kabbalistic view on science: Book 2

A Kabbalistic view on Science: Book 2

Author: Mike Bais

Published by Circle of Avalon Books. Publication year 2022


The second volume of A Kabbalistic view on Science contains a deepening of the subjects of the first book, including

  • the Bio-Psychology of the human system
  • Quantum Physics
  • and the new topic launched in this volume about Neuroplasticity.

Again, I have integrated theory and practice so that all the metaphysical knowledge of Kabbalah and the hypothesis of science can come together into a unique and personal experience.

After all, that is what Kabbalah is all about: to come to a direct (mystical) experience of the human being in relation to the world, the universe and the Divine.

A Kabbalistic view on Science: Book 2
by Mike Bais

After writing Part one of “A Kabbalistic view on science”, published in 2019, it was clear that there would be so much more to write about and reveal on this deeply important meeting of the spiritual and scientific worlds. From my work in the scientific field of Physiotherapy, as a University Lecturer for Medical Professionals, and my almost twenty-five years of Kabbalistic training, I realized there were still so many more significant connections to be shown.

Having taught throughout the Netherlands, in Germany and Belgium, and the UK (at Hawkwood College, Stroud, England – The Centre for Future Thinking) for more than 12 years, I now realize that there are so many more questions for the reader and myself left unanswered, and even more fascinating material to be carefully explored and shared.

Given that my Kabbalah workshops and the first book have been received with such enthusiasm and positive feedback, it has inspired me to continue along this journey and write this second manuscript.

The knowledge that these unique teachings, once written down, will hold many keys to applying the tradition of Kabbalah for generations to come, is a challenging task for me that is well worth pursuing. The Toledano Kabbalah is the tradition written about in this book, using the metaphysical diagrams of the Tree of Life and Jacob’s ladder.

These diagrams set the framework for our spiritual work as Kabbalists. In this second volume, there are new topics of science to discover, discuss, contemplate and meditate upon.

This volume can be read separately from the first volume, although they complement each other.