A Kabbalistic view on Science: Book 1

A Kabbalistic view on Science: Book 1

Author: Mike Bais
Published by Circle of Avalon Books

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My first book about (Toledano) Kabbalah was published in 2019 and came forth out of idea and need to bring Kabbalah into this 20th and 21st century.

Kabbalah has proven to stand the test of time, remaining a solid wisdom tradition, because it always adapted to the times and places and the development of the human soul. Science has provided a lot to the human evolution and sometimes even to the endeavor of changing and evolving our consciousness.

Whether we are searching (spiritual) or researching (science), both are a quest and path towards knowledge; a further horizon of truth and self-knowledge.

A Kabbalistic view on Science: Book 1
by Mike Bais

Because of the many parallels between Kabbalah and Science, I could not resist to write about the Tree of Life and Jacob’s ladder, the two key diagrams of the Kabbalah tradition, and the innovative subjects of science of the last decades, like Quantum Physics, (Mirco)-Biology and the relationships between the psyche and the physical body (psycho-somatic).

This book is said to be quite dense with information and knowledge, where the reader (Kabbalist) can gradually develop itself through the chapters with the accompanying meditations and exercises.#
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The last decades there is a growing interest to bring together the spiritual traditions and science.

As many scientists have concluded through their research and experience, is that at a certain level, the boundaries of how we used to define matter, are not so stable and fixed as we thought.

As a consequence many old theories are no longer useful as inner maps for reality. Kabbalah and science are brought together in a revolutionary development, which sheds a complete different light on what we think of as spirit, soul, matter, DNA and hereditary factors.

Kabbalah and science speak a different language, yet refer to the same experience and reality as you will read in this book.

The book is almost written like a story and is therefore accessible, while each paragraph contains metaphysical knowledge and the reader is invited to participate and engage in the knowledge through accompanying meditations and exercises.

The knowledge that these unique teachings, once written down, will hold many keys to applying the tradition of Kabbalah for generations to come, is a challenging task for me that is well worth pursuing. The Toledano Kabbalah is the tradition written about in this book, using the metaphysical diagrams of the Tree of Life and Jacob’s ladder.

These diagrams set the framework for our spiritual work as Kabbalists. In this second volume, there are new topics of science to discover, discuss, contemplate and meditate upon.

This volume can be read separately from the first volume, although they complement each other.